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Do you LOVE walleye fishing?

New to fishing on Lake Erie?

Do you want to learn to fish for walleye?

Do you want to learn tournament fishing?

Do you want to learn about pro staffing ?

Do you need help with a professional biography or resume?

Captain Ronnie Rhodes has been a first mate, captain, tournament angler and promotional staffer for many years. 

In this private Facebook  group he will share what he has learned about Lake Erie, walleye fishing, tournament fishing and the business of fishing.

Once a month he will have a guest Facebook Live speaker in his group. The guest of the month will speak on his area of expertise or product that is vital to walleye fishing on Lake Erie. These live chats will offer you the opportunity to chat from the comfort of your home and have your questions answered with the industry professionals. Through his national network, he has secured the who's who of the walleye world.

He will also be providing live video, where possible of his trips and answering questions on the topic of the month or answering specific questions you may have. 

If you are interested in the world of promotional staffing (Pro Staff) Ron has a wealth of experience to share. How to create a professional resume, how to professionally represent sponsors, how to create and maintain an online social media profile, how to correctly tag and promote your sponsors effectively and much more.

All of the content in this group will be available to you for as long as you are a subscriber. All of this for only $20 per month.


Please click on the "Subscribe" button to join. You will be taken to PayPal to finish the transaction. We are so excited to have you! 

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