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Bio-Ronnie Rhodes

Ronnie’s passion for fishing began at the age of 6.  He and his father fished the waters of Lake Erie in Ohio for walleye, perch, bass and catfish.


When his father became a U.S.C.G Captain on Lake Erie, Ronnie began his career as a first mate.  Over the next 17 years Ronnie honed his fishing skills and began to target his favorite species “Walleye.” 


1995 began Ronnie’s career as a tournament angler. Fishing the PWT, RCL, MWC as well as local circuits, Ron quickly established his name in the walleye world.


Career highlights include: 2001 2nd place Pro RCL Lake Erie, four top 10 finishes in the MWC from 2006-2008, 2014 2nd place Pro NWT Trenton, MI, 2014 LEWT 1st place Lakeview and 1st place championship Huron, OH.


During this time, Ronnie has been a full-time employee of Ford Motor Company in Avon Lake, OH. Ron has been a U.S.C.G licensed captain on Lake Erie for over 20 years. He follows the walleye migration on Lake Erie in Ohio.  Ronnie provides instructional charters for the beginner all the way through to the more advanced techniques employed for the competitive tournament angler. 


Ronnie can be found on the ice guiding in the winter when conditions allow as well as speaking throughout the Midwest including Erie Marine Sales, OH, Novi Ultimate Fishing Show Novi, OH, Michigan-Ohio Expo, fishing and outdoor shows as well as local fishing clubs.

“Over the years as my career has progressed, I have been blessed with so many wonderful opportunities to work with great companies as well as meet wonderful people all over the country.  I enjoy passing along my love of fishing as well as the knowledge and experience I have gained to anglers of all experience levels.  I feel honored to work with great non-profits such as Hooks for Hunger locally as well as nationally in partnership with Angling with Officers. ”



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